Mathematical Modelling

We deploy smart and cost-effective solutions to improve asset management efficiency


Innovative Solutions
Powered by Mathematics

Our team of applied mathematicians are at the forefront of innovative and cutting-edge research in mathematics.


Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental physical and mathematical principles that govern most engineering problems, we continue to deliver creative, innovative and effective solutions that cut across various industries.

Mathematical Modelling

We take pride in tackling challenges from first principles, and drawing from our rich knowledge base libraries furnished in areas of mathematics such as advanced geometry and statistics, optimisation, numerical linear algebra to provide solutions.

This unique problem-solving approach is the reason behind the continuous success we record in mathematical modelling.

The efficiency and capabilities of our software products are significantly improved by these mathematical breakthroughs in modelling physical problems, solving resultant partial differential equations and implementing numerical optimisation & computational geometry algorithms.


Our Team

Currently, our team is tying into the huge prospects in machine learning with the aim of using its insights to drive ground-breaking advancements in well, reservoir & facility management practices.